Interview: Meg Reflects on ‘Wonder Woman’ 5 Years Later

Wonder Woman was released in theatres five years ago and I, a huge self-proclaimed Wonder Woman fan, can still remember witnessing the film for the first time on the big screen like it was yesterday. I was lucky enough to get tickets to a fan screening event held in Toronto just over two weeks before the film’s official theatrical release. I recall finding myself simultaneously excited (my friends and me sporting matching red t-shirts with the Wonder Woman logo in gold foil) and nervous as we were all unsure what to expect. Of course, we’d seen the trailers and the epicness that came along with them⁠—but as we know, sometimes trailers end up better than the movies themselves.

Thankfully, this wasn’t the case for Wonder Woman⁠—at least, it wasn’t for me. When I left the theatre, the nervousness I experienced dissipated, and the excitement was back tenfold. I wanted to see the movie again (which I did multiple times)

It was a momentous time for many Wonder Woman fans, and knowing how I felt about it, I had to ask the biggest Wonder Woman fan I know, Meg, about all things Wonder Woman, including how she felt about the film now that five years have passed.

Do you remember your first introduction to the character?

Meg: The first introduction I had to Wonder Woman was through my mom. She loves the Wonder Woman television show starring Lynda Carter! So it was only natural that we bonded over it. I’m not sure she knew how much it would mean to both of us at the time, but it has been such a great thing to bond over.

Meg’s first introduction to Wonder Woman was through her mom and the TV series which starred Lynda Carter as the titular character. (Photo courtesy of Meg | Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Television)

Did you notice any elements from your first intro to Wonder Woman in the movie when you watched it; if so, which part(s)?

Meg: What I noticed almost immediately was the pure innocence that Diana showed in this film. It was reminiscent of how Lynda played Diana. As women, there is an innocence in all of us that sadly gets taken pretty quickly as we grow up. When Diana travels to man’s world in both Wonder Woman the series and Wonder Woman the film, we see just how quickly we lose that innocence. They both see that the world is full of horrors that they must deal with, no matter how many times they are told no.

Do you remember your feeling when you first saw the film? Can you describe or tell me about it?

Meg: I remember first seeing the film as if it happened yesterday. My mother and I had matching shirts, got the popcorn tins, and even the novelty cups. Sitting down in a predominantly female environment had such a beautiful aura. It was an honor to be able to experience this film with my mother. We both laughed, cried, and cheered seeing our favorite female hero on the big screen. Seeing the historic “No man’s land” scene, the birth of Wonder Woman, with the woman who birthed me is an experience I will never forget.

Wonder Woman fighting a German soldier in the village in Wonder Woman. (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

What is your absolute favourite scene from the film? 

Meg: My absolute favorite scene in Wonder Woman is when Wonder Woman saves the village, showing numerous different fighting styles she has learned from her amazon training. And when the fighting is over, the villagers come out in awe of the woman in front of them. Diana has always been the hero for the people and seeing them praise her after her first outing as a hero is so profound. The smile Diana has on her face while meeting those who she just saved is forever etched into my mind.

What is a scene from the film that was perhaps something that might be seen as small to others but had an impact on you and was (in your opinion) a great moment?

Meg: There’s a scene that comes right after Diana arrives in man’s world, where she has to get a disguise because she’s walking around in clothing deemed too revealing for the times. She tries on numerous outfits and talks about how women cannot possibly fight in this attire. What stuck out to me the most was how fashion of the times restricted women so much, and there’s a comment about girdles being used to hide the natural shape of a woman. Diana growing up around all women was confused about why you would ever need to hide your natural body. It showed me that we are taught to hide ourselves to make others comfortable, and it’s not something that we are born thinking.

Etta Candy explains different pieces of clothing and fashion to Diana. (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

As it’s the film’s fifth anniversary, what are five words you’d use to describe the Wonder Woman movie?

Meg: Five words to describe this film would be: Inspiring, courageous, brave, feminine, and everlasting.

Lastly, do you feel like the film holds up 5 years later or is there something you’d change? 

Meg: This film is five years old, and I still get chills every time I hit play. Women make up a large demographic in the comic community, and it’s such a beautiful film that celebrates sisterhood. No matter how many times I watch it, I still feel the loving embrace of my favorite character and the feeling that I can take on the world.

Be sure to follow Meg on social media and check out all the amazing work she puts out into the world, including her articles at CBR!

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